A global ecosystem for growth
and innovation within digital since 1999.
For Scale Up Entrepreneurs and Corporate Intrapreneurs
Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but with a global mindset and presence
Our presence and work
is highly valued.
For 17 years.
From Web 0.1 in 1996 to Singularity in the future, we create value through digital entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.
Growth at home and abroad
We work with helping you unlock growth as an extension of your team. We can advise, open our network and be a sounding board to your team. We can also interim manage in multiple new markets simultaneously, giving you speed and scale at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. Since our teams have done it before, we make sure you do not make costly mistakes when growing really fast, both at home and abroad.
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Enterprise power meets startup mindset and opportunities
Large organisations wishing to create innovation, call on us for our innovation methodologies, processes and clock speed. We co-build companies, find and coach intrapreneurial ideas from within the organisation, or identify new investment opportunities within strategic sectors to create new equity or revenues. Our typical innovation lab runs for 12 week cycles giving high speed and are strategically aligned to provide impact.
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We have created value across industries and verticals
If a fast growing company wants to grow, our ecosystem can advise, interim manage, drive towards agreed milestones, faster and cheaper than doing it yourself. If a large enterprise wants to create innovation, we deliver world class innovation process that is aligned strategically and creates impact.
A snapshot of what our clients talk about us
Epicenter, Result and SEB have forged a partnership where we run our internal innovation program to create new mindset and empower employee ideas to become businesses.

We have touched approximately 10% of the organisation in the last 15 months, and as a bonus, we have shipped ideas with proof points that today are products in the market
Internal Innovation with SEB
to drive new culture
A snapshot of what our clients talk about us
Google has picked Epicenter as our tech hub partner for the Nordics given the focus on digital and innovation. We are passionate to create future change makers and it would not be possible without them on the ground
External Innovation lab
to find startups
A snapshot of what our clients talk about us
Merck today is the oldest pharma company. At Epicenter and with Result, we work with finding new digital business models that can extend the pill, create new innovative partnerships that can create more impact in our core business.
External Innovation lab
for new products of Merck
Our ecosystem is made for inspiration, scale ups and innovation
Our ecosystem also consists of Epicenter and Sime, our sister organisations. Epicenter is 20.000 sq.m innovation house in the center of Stockholm that houses innovation labs for enterprises that we run in the Nordics, and provides a platform for scale ups expanding into the Nordics to find new partners, work out of and get plugged into the local ecosystem. Sime is the leading Nordic event on digital transformation attracting over 2000 people, that inspires, connects and provides new digital opportunities.
The team
Our teams have worked within general e-commerce, marketplace commerce, mobile technology, ad-tech, fin-tech, med-tech, health and wellness
Mahesh Kumar
CEO Result
Entrepreneur: MagineTV, FitnessCollection,
Intrapreneur: SEB, Merck, Telenor, Stronghold
Ola Ahlvarsson
Chairman, Result
Entrepreneur: 20+ companies
Intrapreneur: 50+ enterprises like McDonald's, SAS, SEB etc
Erik Wikström
Partner, Result
Entrepreneur: Icon Media Labs, MagineTV
Intrapreneur: Merck, SEB
Adrian McDonald
COO, Result
Entrepreneur: Widespace
Intrapreneur: Microsoft, Telenor, SEB
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